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    "Intelligent" Programmable Metering Pump

    The "Intelligent" Programmable Metering Pump Features:FMI's STH Stepper Pump with integral programmable driverDriver provides servo control of a stepper pump5 Programmable inpu

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    The "Intelligent" Programmable Metering Pump Features:

    • FMI's STH Stepper Pump with integral programmable driver

    • Driver provides servo control of a stepper pump

    • 5 Programmable inputs, 2 programmable outputs

    • Multiple programming platforms including

    • Visual Basic, C/C++, Delphi, Lab VIEW

    • Analog 0-5V, RS-232 serial , CANopen protocol supported

    • Resonance-free, quiet operation

    • EtherCAT (with optional module)