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About Us

Seagalleon International Co., Ltd. was established in Hongkong in 1995, in the same year, Dongguan kouryou Electronics Co. Ltd., was founded,Taiwan Kou Ryou Enterprise Co. Ltd belongs to Seagalleon group, Kou Ryou is a professional agent and distributor of many international brands ,having the authorization of saling in China.


      Business scope below:

     FMI High precision metering pump - Kou Ryou has the sole sale authoriation in mainland China and Hongkong, FMI is good at producing high-precision metering pumps and relative accessories . Fluid Metering, Inc is headquartered in New York, established in 1959, having a larger number of patents, all pumps have passed the ISO9001 certification. Because of its excellent quality and stable performance won the orders from Abbott, Bayer, Johnson, Beckman Kurt and other international well-knowncompany .

       Audio materials - England Aptiv PEEK (PEEK) film, Ferrotec magnetic fluid ,DuPont Teijin Teonex PEN film,  Germany Propex Curv woven polypropylene, Exxon Mobil Corp thermoplastic vulcanized rubber Santoprene, 3M TufQuin us  etc. 。

       Electronic materials - TDK passive components, Taiwan PPTC thermistor, etc.。